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Offline Functionality

Experience uninterrupted access to content even without a stable internet connection, thanks to the offline capabilities of Progressive Web App (PWA).

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Reach users seamlessly across various devices and platforms, as PWAs are designed to work uniformly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Like a Native Experience

Immerse your audience in a native-like experience with smooth navigation, push notifications, and a responsive design, all delivered through the power of Progressive Web App.

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Ultimate Web App


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What ALL you get

Unlock the full potential of your website with a PWA.

Installable Progressive Web App (PWA)

Unlimited push notifications + monthly analytics

Robust design and unique status bar

Offline availability thanks to advanced catching strategies

Native smartphone “sharing options” feature

Dedicated installation page

Multiple sites on subdomains or a different domain name within a single WordPress Multisite installation

Advanced structure and features tailored to meet your needs as AI chatbots, virtual landline or your own short link

E-shop powered by WooCommerce® or embedded your eBay Store

Unlimited change requests

Priority support

Additional security enhancements such as hiding the admin login page, two-factor authentication or changing known WordPress content paths

Ready to upload to App Store®, Google Play® and Microsoft Store® (subject to their membership subscription)

Don’t need all the features?

Powerful and fast SEO-optimized web at an affordable price.



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