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Built with search engines in mind, achieve higher rankings and more traffic with optimized code.

Blazing Fast

Experience lightning-fast page load speeds for optimal user experience and SEO ranking.

Owned By You

You are the sole owner, so you can decide to do anything in the future. The app is your valuable asset.

Own a real modern app

A fully featured app, but fast and elegant.

Progressive Web App

Send push notifications

We make your website installable like any other mobile or desktop app.

You can send push notifications to your users on iPhone, Android or desktop with Chrome, Edge or Safari.

Offer your visitors to install the app in a non-intrusive and friendly way with floating buttons.

Any visitor can opt-in to receive notifications in your app and install the app outside of the control and censorship of the app stores. But we can send your app to the stores as well.

High-tech Expansion

Appear on the blockchain

FREE for a limited time – Only with Webia

Expand your audience beyond Web 2.0 as we know it today and step into the future!

Get your own Top-Level Domain (TLD) name, not even a .com, .net or .org – Just “https://petshop”.com. Forever.

We mirror your website on the blockchain – decentralized Web3 at no charge.

We secure your own TLD directly on the Handshake blockchain. We will participate in an open auction for your new name using HNS cryptocurrency. We will then make you the owner of your Handshake domain name. No hassle for you.

This service is included with all plans, at no additional cost for a limited time.

We will teach you how to access Handshake based domain names. You can be part of the future of the next generation web. Instantly, with us!

Discovery by Users

Get into the app stores

We can push your website as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) to the App Store®, Google Play® Store or Microsoft Store®.

We’ll set you up with a developer account and help you list your app under your name.

Apple and Google require payment of membership fees and the application approval process can be difficult. But we will help you with everything.

Your app can be in the major stores in no time!


See what people have to say about us

Milan Herak

Financial Planning Branch Manager

Highly recommended!

These guys made the process of building our website a breeze. We are already planning further projects and their support is first class.

Zdenka Fryblova


What my Facebook profile was missing

With Webia, it’s a no brainer. Endless options and responsive design, plus great customer support. Highly recommend!

Joseph Smith

Managing Director

Time for the real app

I have used several different website builders over the years, but none of them are enough now. I’m glad I’m moving to the real full website. I should have done it earlier. Smart move with them.

George Burt


Easy to use

As a small business owner, I needed a website that was affordable. I was able to get a beautiful website that represented my brand.

We power these brands

Everything you need to run your new website

Interactive design tools and tons of customization options for anything and everything needed to polish the website of your dreams.

Full-featured websites using modern Full Site Editing (FSE). With the site editor, you can customize all parts of the website without our help and coding.

Fast and elegant code, modern frontend and eye-catching design.

Dozens of designs to inspire you for your new app

We have prepared for you examples of the most modern designs, from which you can simply be inspired.

Let us know if any of them catch your eye and we will create a beautiful design exactly according to your wishes. Every design we create for you is unique and original in itself.

Let your imagination run free.

Build your own stunning app

Take your visitors to the next level!


Pricing tailored to your needs

Select your favourite plan and start your online identity today!



/ one time

A stunning WordPress website that you fully own

Fully responsive, high definition graphic design, coded according to the latest standards

Logo design

Registering a domain name in your name

Email address with your domain name + up to 30 aliases with Zoho Mail® (or Google Workspace® if subscribed)

Connection to Google Analytics® demographic statistics

True SEO optimization, social media link preview and more

Security and SSL certificate from Cloudflare®

FREE static website mirroring on the blockchain + Handshake domain name (same name subject to availability)

Unmatched performance of Amazon AWS® hosting

UK-GDPR compliant Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and T&C (you are solely responsible for their wording)

Static Webia contact form protected against SPAM by Google reCAPTCHA®

Webia’s live status monitoring system tracking application uptime

Automatic light/dark mode based on user preferences

A set of free icons Font Awesome® ready to use

Embedded content such as Google Maps®, Apple Maps®, Spotify® playlists, YouTube® videos, etc.

plus you can get

Continuing Service


/ month

Continuous support for your WordPress Website

Critical security updates

Regular server upgrades

Our technical support

Solving any problems and possible website outages

Regular daily backup

Help with all technical aspects you need

Ultimate Web App

Unlock the full potential of your website with a PWA.


/ one time

then only


/ month

Installable Progressive Web App (PWA)

Unlimited push notifications + monthly analytics

Robust design and unique status bar

Offline availability thanks to advanced catching strategies

Native smartphone “sharing options” feature

Dedicated installation page

Multiple sites on subdomains or a different domain name within a single WordPress Multisite installation

Advanced structure and features tailored to meet your needs as AI chatbots, virtual landline or your own short link

E-shop powered by WooCommerce® or embedded your eBay Store

Unlimited change requests

Priority support

Additional security enhancements such as hiding the admin login page, two-factor authentication or changing known WordPress content paths

Ready to upload to App Store®, Google Play® and Microsoft Store® (subject to their membership subscription)

PWAs are available for Android (with Chrome), for Windows and macOS (with Chrome, Edge or Safari), and for iOS with Safari.

Get your social media a home

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take my website with me?

Absolutely. You are the owner and boss of your website. You decide whether you want your website to be managed only by you or by our experts. We can transfer your Virtual Private Server (VPS) credentials to you, so you can export your site, migrate to another provider, or do whatever you want. You also always own your domain name.

But with our ongoing support, you have the peace of mind of having your own expert at your side whenever you need it.

Why does PWA only come with THE APP plan?

Simply because we want to provide the highest quality experience. You only get the true progressive web app with all the features in THE APP plan, such as seamless navigation from incompatible devices to the right place, dedicated installation page, custom caching strategies and many more.

We highly recommend taking this plan as it provides continuous support for the very fast evolving PWA technology. However, we are able to provide you with a less powerful PWA variant with a lower plan as well.

Do you offer also full support?

Yes. With us, we can manage your website for you. Our experienced professionals have over 22 years of experience building robust websites.

We take care of security and other aspects of websites to meet the latest coding standards. If we know something needs to be done, we’ll do it automatically and we’ll always let you know what we’ve done. We update the backend of your website, regularly upgrade the server, its modules and the entire environment. If you need our support, we will always be available to you on dedicated contact channels.

What is Full Site Editing?

Full Site Editing (FSE) is a feature in WordPress that allows users to visually design and customize their entire website, including the header, footer, and other template parts.

Full Site Editing provides a more user-friendly, streamlined approach to website design and customization. It allows users to see changes in real-time, provides more control over design elements, and enables developers to create more custom blocks and templates.

Can you guarantee that my app will be in the app stores?

No. Even though your application will technically be eligible for publishing, we cannot guarantee this. The app approval process for publication in individual app stores is very strict. It must meet a number of conditions for eligible content and other conditions that app owners are bound by.

However, most applications are approved without difficulty. We will do our best to help you, both with the process and with a successful approval, as much as we can.

Also, your app will still be a Progressive Web App and will still be installable on supported devices regardless of whether it’s listed in stores.